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Camillus House Day Center

On February 10th Camillus House began the first day of scaled-back day center program that provides showers, hot meals, clothes and a place to rest to homeless. The program was serving about 340 people a day, but became unaffordable following funding reductions last summer. It has been the consequence of the HUD change in policy, favoring “housing first approach” at the…

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Increase Safety in Miami

by Andres Althabe BNA President I attended a memorial service for Thomas Lang at Viscayne Condo on October 1, 2016. His tragic death was caused by a homeless man, Evans Celestin, with a long list of 29 previous arrests, and a history of harassing people downtown. Lang’s husband, Stephen Dutton (standing in the middle), has started a petition supported by Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA)…

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Miami’s Homeless Crisis Continues Despite Millions

Miami’s Homeless Crisis Continues Despite Millions By Bill Fitch, PE Bill is president of Brickell on the River North Condominium Association and serves as Vice President of Brickell Homeowners Association (BHA). The following article was published in the BHA summer newsletter   Like most major cities, Miami has an issue with homeless people living on our streets. There are many tragic…

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