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Dade Heritage Trust seeks voter approval for long-term lease of Dr. Jackson’s office

Asks for Yes Vote on #238 The City of Miami has placed an item on the November ballot asking voters whether to approve a charter amendment that would allow the Dade Heritage Trust to secure a long-term lease on the city-owned Dr. James Jackson office on 190 SE 12th Terrace and Brickell Bay Drive. The house, was built in 1905 and is…

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A Race to Watch

Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez (Democrat) running for the redrawn Florida Senate District 37 wrote to us. We contacted the office of the incumbent Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (Republican) but there has been no reply. This is a battleground district with approximately 86,000 registered Democrats, 81,000 Republicans and 71,000 Independents. The incumbent, three term Senator is a fiscal conservative…

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