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Rising Tides, Part 2

Beyond the high tides, South Florida water is changing Rising sea levels are expected to drive saltwater intrusion westward, threatening drinking water Beaches and bay could become saltier and more polluted as seas rise and oceans get warmer A projected decrease in rain will only make matters worse The Miami Herald continued with a series of articles explaining how and…

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Rising Tides, Part 1

Think about it: If climate projections hold true, entire region will face flood-control overhaul On the Beach, damage to cars, businesses and homes from flooding — both from high tides and rains — had steadily mounted. …rebuilding South Florida to survive rising seas will come at considerable cost.  Then there are the ripple effects of years of construction, traffic jams…

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Flooded Downtown

Article and photos by: David Pina, President of Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA)    There’s been many artistic adaptations to the “InStinkerator” as it’s affectionately known…at one time it was to be an art project for students.  More importantly, the bigger issue is the inability for the out-dated pump station to remove the vast amounts of water due to heavy rain…

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