Vets for Success

Employment Skills – Training Program

BNA attended the reception for Vets for Success, with the Mayor of the City of Miami Tomas Regalado and City Commissioner Wilfredo “Willy” Gort.

Vets for Success is a new employment skills and job readiness training program launched by Suited for Success in 2017. It is designed to provide educational and vocational opportunities for underserved members and military veterans of South Florida.

By preparing individuals to retain gainful employment, Suited for Success and their program Vets for Success increase individuals’ ability to secure permanent housing, reduce dependence on public assistance, increase financial stability and self-esteem, and propel individuals to economic self-sufficiency.

BNA President Andres Althabe with Mayor Regalado

Jonathan Durarte (Brighline) - Andres Althabe, and Jeff Wahl (Vets for Success)

Commissioner Gort

Mayor Regalado

Year End party

Andres Althabe, BNA president, and Sue Nelson, BNA Board member, attended year-end party with Carolina Pappe, President of Habitare International Realty.



BNA and Miami Police Have Lunch with homeless Women and Children

Commissioner Francis Suarez (middle) with Andres Althabe Biscayne Neighborhoods Association President and Jessica Raffo, Water Restoration Group

Sue Nelson, Biscayne Neighborhoods Association Board Member with MPD and Office of the Mayor

BNA President Andres Althabe with Chief of Police Rodolfo Llanes, Exec. Assistant to the Chief James Bernat, Wynwood Police Major Morales, Commander Guerra, Sargent Cabrera, Management Team of Pollo Tropical and Jessica Raffo WRG

Lt. Col. Antonio Colmenares, Director, Office of the Mayor and Exec. Assistant to the Chief of Police James Bernat with homeless children from the Rescue Mission

This year has brought devastating news for many of the shelters at a time when there is a surge of homelessness in cities across the country. The homeless population in cities like New York is near an all-time high.

Well established shelters in many states, including Camillus House in Miami, had their grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) drastically reduced or taken away.

What changed at HUD? Not their budget that actually had a five percent increase in 2016. There is a change in policy: “housing first” means most of the funds go to permanent housing at the expense of traditional shelters.

With this policy many will stay on the streets.


 BNA-Cerverva Party at Missoni Baia Sales Office

On September 19th, Biscayne Neighborhoods Association (BNA) hosted a cocktail party event in the Missoni Baia sales center to highlight the transformations happening in Edgewater. Alicia Cervera from Cervera Realty opened the presentations. Jeremy Gauger, Vice President of Arquitectonica gave a presentation on the Baywalk.

City of Miami Commissioners Ken Russell and Francis Suarez and Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez joined President of BNA Andres Althabe and members of the community to celebrate the growing neighborhood.

BNA - Cervera party at Missoni Baia sales office

Alicia Cervera, Andres Althabe, Commissioner Frances Suarez

Andres Althabe speaking to the Missoni guests

Architect Jeremy Gauger presenting the Baywalk

Commissioner ken Russell and Andres Althabe

Francis Scola (OKO Group-Missoni), Andres Althabe & David Krempa, Esq. (Association Law Group)

Paul Kaplan, Gail Feldman (BHA president) Bill Mathisen (BNA founder) Commissioner Ken Russell and Alicia Cervera

Alicia Cervera, Andres Althabe, Commissioner Ken Russell, and Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez

Bill Fitch (BHA vice president), Ann-Rhea Fitch, Bill Mathissen (BNA founder)

Henry Dow (CEO Water Restoration), Ary Perez (Hotwire Communications) & Lorenzo Rossi (Hotwire Communications)

Ron Bloomberg, Sue Nelson, Andres Althabe and Kimberly Bentley

Andres Althabe, Commissioner Francis Suarez, Michael Gongora & Alyce Robertson (DDA)

August 3 Clothing Drive

The clothing drive, organized by BNA and Victor Williams, Special Agent of the Human Trafficking Task Force, benefitted the homeless and victims of human trafficking at Camillus House was a real success.

We thank the Blue Condominium, Charter Club, Biscayne 21, Cite Condominium, South Tower of Quantum on the Bay.and individuals such as Barbara Sweet that came to Margaret Pace Park where the Camillus House truck was parked until it was full.

Barbara is a crime prevention officer from the Miami Police Department, and she is involved in every event that benefits the community and especially everybody in need.

Special thanks to Palm Bay Condominium who participated even though they are not BNA members but wanted to be part of helping those less fortunate.

Camillus House Clothing Drive

May 19 Meeting

Our recent meeting was well attended. We had excellent presentations by City Commissioners Ken Russell and Francis Suarez, met the new Omni CRA Executive Director Jason Walker, and had an extensive presentation by FDOT about the changes coming to Biscayne Blvd.

Thanks to Bill Worall and FirstService for providing the food and beverages for our meeting.


BNA General Member Meeting – May 19, 2016

February 29 Venetian Causeway Reopens!

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the reopening of the WEST VENETIAN BASCULE BRIDGE was held on February 29.



Alina T. Hudak, Deputy Mayor, Miami-Dade County; Alice N. Bravo, P.E., Director, Department of Transportation and Public Works; Honorable Carlos A. Gimenez, Mayor, Miami-Dade County; Honorable Audrey M. Edmonson, Board of County Commissioners, District 3; and Honorable Sally A. Heyman, Board of County Commissioners, District 4.

February 18 BNA Residents General Meeting

More than 150 residents and other interested parties attended this informative meeting. Speakers included City Commissioners Ken Russell and Francis Suarez, Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, and Donald Lutton Superintendent of Operations Department of Parks and Recreation.

BNA Residents General Meeting – February 18, 2016


November 14 Coastal Cleanup

Volunteers and volunteercleanup.org work together to cleaning up coastal area of Margaret Pace Park.

Coastal Cleanup – November 14


November 10 BNA Legislative Update

The Legislative Update, held at Miami-Dade University, Wolfson Campus, was a great opportunity to hear from our representatives about timely issues affecting our members.

Nov 10 Legislative Update


August 26 Meeting

Our recent meeting was well attended by concerned members, as well as city officials:

August 26 Meeting


Park Clean Up – September 19

We thank all our volunteers for helping clean up the park for everyone!

Sept 19 Park Clean Up



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