BNA has been successful in the creation of two pocket parks, and thankful to the City of Miami – Department of Solid Waste (Director Mario Nunez) and Department of Parks and Recreation (Director Kevin Kirwin) who have been instrumental in making our requests come to fruition.

Both parcels of land (NE 18th St. and NE 4th Ave) have now been supplied with trash cans and park benches, and with the respective C.O.M. departments committing to maintaining them, they will continue to stay in their current and clean condition. I will also advocate on behalf of BNA association, for better lighting on these already improved areas, as well as ensuring the greenery stays trimmed.

In addition, the Melo Group has offered to to help ensure the future of these parks, by com missioning international artist Julio Aguilera to produce a large scale sculpture.

At the suggestion of Commissioner Russell, the sculpture will go through a process of approval that starts with BNA (the artist will meet with BNA President imminently), then will proceed to the Art in Public Places Board from there.

We look forward to keeping you posted on the forthcoming events, and as per usual feel free to contact us with your input.