Increase Safety in Miami

by Andres Althabe
BNA President

Stephen DattonI attended a memorial service for Thomas Lang at Viscayne Condo on October 1, 2016.

His tragic death was caused by a homeless man, Evans Celestin, with a long list of 29 previous arrests, and a history of harassing people downtown.

Lang’s husband, Stephen Dutton (standing in the middle), has started a petition supported by Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA) asking Mayor Regalado and Mayor Gimenez for safety downtown.

After participating in several meetings downtown, and being in the area many times, the conclusion is that the situation continues to deteriorate. Shelter and treatment need to increase. Help for the homeless is critical and urgent, but residents and business owners have rights that government must protect.

The consensus is that 4,000 signatures will make a difference. The link to the petition is here.