Will they build the Hotel?

Miami Beach voters will decide on March 15th if the 800 room Hotel for the Convention Center will be finally built.

The debate is over size, traffic impact and public benefit of the project.

“Hotel proponents say that the renovated convention center will be a magnet for citywide [sic] conventions, not the trade shows it usually hosts that bring commuters from Miami-Dade County to the Beach.

 The opposition considers the proposed building an oversize imposition in a relatively flat area in the middle of South Beach that will put more cars on the city’s congested streets.”

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Our own BNA’s Michael Gongora, shareholder of Becker & Poliakoff has an opinion that he shares it in his Monthly News Bulletin:

Upon being elected in 2013, Mayor Levine and the Commission scrapped the previous plans to have prominent architect, Rem Koolhaas, design the new Miami Beach Convention Center and Hotel claiming the prior project was too massive.  

A key difference in this new project is that the original 2013 design by Rem Koolhaas involved an 800 room hotel to be built on top of the new convention center between 17th Street and Dade Boulevard.  It was approximately 192 square feet tall, or just under 20 stories.  

Now the City Commission is looking to build the 800 room hotel on 17th Street and Convention Center Drive facing the New World Center.  Moreover, due to the narrower size of the lot which this Commission selected, the hotel project would rise up to 288 square feet, or approximately 30 stories, and this new hotel would primarily be accessible via 17th Street, already one of the busiest streets in the City.

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