A different vision of Wynwood

For two years Wynwood property owners had been working on a zoning plan for the neighborhood. Last year got the Neighborhood Revitalization District approved by the Miami commission. It includes a cap at eight to 12 stories and requires new development to make public benefit payments.

Right after the Wynwood owner’s plan was approved, Moishe Mana, a New York owner of a moving company among other businesses, comes with his own plan. He wants a special plan for his 24 acres property in Wynwood. It would authorize him to build a massive nine million square feet new development, including towers up to 24 stories, exempting him from the public-benefit programs included in the Neighborhood Revitalization District plan, as well as payments to the local business improvement district.

The new development with its modern downtown look would be completely at odds with the character of Wynwood that is emerging as the hottest neighborhood in Miami due precisely to its character.

 All that, avoiding public benefit payments to improve the neighborhood.

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